Michael Victor Lance

Michael Victor Lance is the owner and founder of HYPE! Media. He’s a man of many guiding principles. One of which is the mission and vision of HYPE! Media. What is a business in the beginning? It’s a promise essentially, but more specifically it’s a bundle of hype. Yes…before we become…we are an idea with a side of energy (hype).


This energy is entirely up to its founder, employees, luck and the level of energy that is lent to it. So essentially in the beginning there was “hype”, whether in the mind, or via promotion – it’s a promise of being that becomes so. Nothing negative about that!


Now comes the real work – to establish a working, flourishing business that you can be proud of, that doesn’t break the bank and establishes itself in style. That’s where we come in. HYPE! Media takes the latest digital principles, synergizes them with traditional marketing tools then tracks them, tweaks them and really that’s all it is.


It’s a digital happy trail that one can duplicate and improve upon for years to come. Bottom line: We create a proven process for you to elevate your company or brand. No bells, or whistles…just bonafide efficiency and transparency – something for a businesses to aspire to.

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