Digital Marketing FAQ's

All your questions about digital marketing answered for you before you even thought to ask them! Do you have a question about SEO - GOT IT! Content marketing - GOT THAT TOO! We implore you to stay curious, so by all means reach out to us if you have more questions!

What is Digital Marketing?

It's a handful of marketing methods done digitally. Email marketing, social media marketing, SEO, mobile marketing and quite a bit more. If you need a more in-depth, please give us a reach out. Matter of fact - here's the owner's direct line: Call Michael right away!

How effective is Digital Marketing?

Hold on...we are just wrapping up our "preaching to the choir".'s very effective. There...we said it. An IF and a BIG ONE - (IF you know what you are doing). IF you don't know what you are doing, then reach out to those that do - they don't bite. 

You give away a lot of free info. Why?

We don't believe in scarcity, we believe in abundance and want to see the World continue to become better. This happens when the majority are innovation and growth-minded. It stems from the aphorism - "Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day...teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime".

What is Retargeting?

Also known as re-marketing, it's the art of keeping "the fish" on the line even though it initially slipped through your grasp. In other words - "the fish" will become an invisible customer due to a cute snippet of Facebook code that can be installed on your website. This is whether or not "the fish" has liked the page. The owner of the website/Facebook page can now serve "the fish" targeted ads anytime they want to.

What is SEO and does it still matter?

Put simply, SEO is the mindful manipulation of digital content and links for future posturing of presence and placement on search engines...namely Google. Practically anyone can launch a website in minutes, but then what? How will you get people to know about it or get your first online sale? When people search via Google for "Thai food in my city", SEO will show your website and the goal is always the first page. This rarely happens without SEO intervention and why it's so vital work with an agency that can help make this a reality.

What makes HYPE! so attractive to work with?

We're smaller agency, but we always think big and BOLD! This translates to more attention, innovation and red tape. We have 10+ years experience with an array of clients both big and small, so we know are agile and know when to pivot, or break through.

PPC or SEO...which one is better?

SPOILER ALERT: A cut and dry answer will not be supplied. If you are thinking in terms of low to no budget and care more for sustained growth, SEO stands out in this respect (although SEO can get expensive too). If you have a good budget and need instant sales and exposure, then PPC is your answer. A mixture of the two is always ideal...budget permitting, of course.

Can/should I do my own Social Media Marketing?

Anything's possible, but it really depends. In a perfect World everyone would have time to run their business without stress and be proficient in marketing methods, would also know good design and copywriting principles that resonate with both their current and prospective clients, would have a handle on the nuances of managing multiple social media channels, not to mention the advertising platforms and reporting for each of them. I'd say if you have a grasp on at least some of these, then go for it, as no one has better knowledge of your business and products than you! If any of the aforementioned is even a little bit daunting (I'm actually leaving quite a bit out), then it's always a good idea work with pros that care about your growth.

To Blog or Not to Blog

As of today, Google prefers good-sized (at least 1,000 words), unique content that people are searching and that make people want to stay on your site for. In other words, you want your content to be so good that it not only inspires people to follow everything you do, but also happily interact and share it with their friends. Essentially - a "shadow evangelist".  This is a great long-term strategy as YOU own everything you create. Posting/advertising solely on social media is incredibly short-sighted as THEY have control of everything and can even pull the plug on your advertising account. So yes - creating a SEO-enhanced blog is always a good idea.

How do you price your services?

As we said before - we love to create win-win scenarios. Due to complexities of campaigns and digital services in general, what we have found that works best is a monthly retainer with a separate ad budget. This provides a canvas to create and maneuver, which is vital in this environment.

What about offline, or traditional marketing?

Fundamentals are called that for a reason, but if people do it just because they have worked in the past...that's when problems can start to occur. Spending thousands per month on a billboard could put you thousands in debt, but it could make you thousands too with the right offer/messaging. Also...traditional marketing is much harder to track in direct opposition to digital marketing. The fact that through tracking you have a robust numbers-based system of the whos, whats, wheres, hows and even how longs for everything you do is a vital feature often overlooked or at least taken for granted.

Can we speak with your clients?

One thing we understand and appreciate is the value of anonymity, mutual respect and trust. Whereas we are proud of the work we do and the relationships that we have forged over the years with our clients, we also understand their reluctance of our name dropping or sharing their contact info. After all, they hired us to make them look/perform better...not the other way around. At the same time, we understand the nature of due diligence and that people have been burned before, so we would be happy to supply referrals per serious requests.

Is Email Marketing dead?

We have baby wipes and they are so much more comfortable, but is toilet paper dead? Are you still asking if email marketing is dead? The answer is an emphatic no. Matter of fact, it still has the highest ROI in all of digital marketing! Whether you notice or not - it's still "top of the mind" for the general public, especially if they have a smart phone as and email app with push notifications comes preinstalled with every phone! We love it and it works, or...we love because it works? Either way - we have our own email marketing app similar to a Mailchimp and we aren't afraid to use it! 

Celebrate your curiosity!

At HYPE! questions show that you care, so reach out to us today!